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We're here to help

Helping small businesses with reduced premiums, virtual audits
and payment flexibility. Click below to learn more.

As America begins to reopen, businesses are asking how. How do they open their doors again in a way that will keep both customers and employees safe? How do they get back to providing the goods and services they’ve always offered while adhering to the guidelines set by federal, state and local health agencies?

AmTrust is here to help with some tips on how to get back to business - safely and efficiently.

You can be sure that AmTrust and our dedicated agent partners are here for your small business.

                            Our Message to You

AmTrust's COVID-19 Guide on Getting Back to Business

Download AmTrust’s Guide to Getting Back to Business today. We share best practices to keep your employees, customers and business safe while reopening.

back to business guide

Coronavirus Information
Information for agents and insureds to understand the impact of the coronavirus on small businesses.

Workplace Safety
Workplace safety training videos, including our most recent focusing on measure to protect employees.
here to help

Featured Blog Post
Getting back to business after COVID-19: how small businesses can safely reopen.
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